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Homeland Security Grants & Funding

Thanks for stopping by, thanks for your service, stay safe.

A note about these pages.  Soon after the Department of Homeland Security formed and homeland security grants became part of everyday language, this page and the pages like it were often the only source on the web for up-to-date info.  At that time we were even better organized than DHS.  Now that DHS is up and running they're your best bet for current information.  You'll still find a ton of useful info here, though.

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House Members Propose To Expand COPS Program

Several House members have announced plans to introduce a bill that would reauthorize and expand the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) program to support police overtime costs during "code orange" alerts.  Currently, the program provides local communities throughout the nation with funds to recruit, hire and retain police officers.

"The economic downturn and high homeland security costs have exploded local and county budgets in recent years," said the bill's sponsor, Rep. Nita Lowey, D-N.Y.  "The cost of code orange overtime for police officers is money out the door.  Expanding COPS to provide direct reimbursements for overtime will help fill the gaps in local budgets more quickly," she added.

At present, COPS funds can be used for overtime expenses incurred only during homeland security training sessions and other law enforcement activities designed to prevent terrorism.

In addition to expanding its reach, the measure would authorize an additional $407 million over the next six years for COPS and streamline the program by cutting out the middleman in the reimbursement process.  Under the proposed bill, local and county governments would be able to submit requests for reimbursement directly to the COPS Office within the Department of Justice, rather than through their states as they do now.

"The COPS program is one of the most important ways of ensuring that our local cities and communities are as safe as they need to be," said Rep. Jim Turner, D-Texas, a cosponsor of the bill.  "Providing sufficient funding for our local law enforcement officials means that they will be better able to meet the homeland security demands posed by the increased threat levels our country currently faces."

Source: Local/State Funding Report, April 26, 2004 Newsletter, Thompson Publishing

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