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Homeland Security Grants & Funding

Thanks for stopping by, thanks for your service, stay safe.

A note about these pages.  Soon after the Department of Homeland Security formed and homeland security grants became part of everyday language, this and other homeland security grants info pages on this web site were the only source on the web for up-to-date info.  At that time we were even better organized than DHS.  Now that DHS is up and running they're your best bet for current information.

You'll still find a ton of useful info here, though.  Case in point is the first article below.  Yes, it's dated but the message is still strong and unfortunately, relevant.

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End of commercial and now down to business ...

Homeland Security Grants.  More than two years and nearly $9 billion in highly-publicized Homeland Security grants later, some local agencies are still wondering what happened to all that money.  Are you?  If so, this report can help.  Includes a three-step action plan to increase your chances of getting DHS grants.  Prints perfectly.  [download here]  [295k pdf]

DHS doles out $2.5 billion.  On Friday, December 3, 2004 the US Department of Homeland Security awarded $2.5 billion in grants to state and local governments, targeting more money than ever to areas with the greatest risk of attack.  [full story]

DHS FY05 Applications.  December 7, 2004 and the application period is now open.  Only state and territories may apply; they'll sub-award the money later intra-state.  For local jurisdictions, it's a good idea to read the states' app package so you know what's coming later.  [app 625k pdf]  To better understand how the DHS grants work, see HSG article above.

DHS FY05.  On October 18, 2004 President George W. Bush signed the FY 2005 Homeland Security Appropriations Act, which provides $28.9 billion in net discretionary spending for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  [fact sheet]

SAFER Grants.  Fire services will be glad to learn the SAFER grant program is finally funded.  [10/19/04 article]

Comm Interop.  Department of Homeland Security launches Office of Interoperability and Compatibility; offers states and locales tools for improving public safety communications interoperability.  [9/27/04 press release]

A Plug for a Friend of the Family.  If you have some spare gear, a hard working detective from Texas will put it to very good use.  Help him support our marksman troops.  Check out the Stars & Stripes article.

DHS Awards Billions.  In the coming weeks, the Department of Homeland Security will award $2.2 billion from the State Homeland Security Grant Program and $725 million from the Urban Area Security Initiative to state and local governments.  These funds are part of over $8 billion the Department has allocated or awarded since March 1, 2003 to help our nation's first responders and state and local governments to prevent, respond and recover from potential acts of terrorism and other potential disasters.  [state-by-state breakdown]  [227k pdf]

Expand COPS?  Several House members have announced plans to introduce a bill that would reauthorize and expand the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) program to support police overtime costs during "code orange" alerts.  Currently, the program provides local communities throughout the nation with funds to recruit, hire and retain police officers.  [full story]

Fire Grants Future.  With the authority to make grants to local fire departments expiring at the end of this fiscal year, one chamber of Congress has engaged in the first steps necessary to keep funds for this popular program flowing over the next three years.  [full story]

DOJ '04 Funding.  President Bush signed DOJ's '04 appropriation bill on January 23, 2004.  Get the scoop here.  See below for Department of Homeland Security and other funding info.

Law Enforcement.  Looking for traditional DOJ grant programs like Byrne, LLEBG, SCAAP, BVP and others?  Click here for our extensive guide to Justice funding.  Includes key contact info, direct links to the grant makers and tips for getting, managing and closing out your grants.  [150k page]

HS '04 Update I.  On October 2, 2003, President Bush signed the first ever homeland security appropriations bill at the Department of Homeland Security.   Details here.

HS '04 Update II.  On November 3, 2003, Secretary Ridge announced $2.2 billion in grant funding for state and local first responders including $500 million for a new initiative, Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program.  Find your state's allocation and other details here.  [150k PDF]

HS '04 Update III.  On November 13, 2003, DHS announced an additional $725 million dollars from the FY04 Budget for the Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI), for grants to urban areas within the United States to help enhance their overall security and preparedness level to prevent, respond and recover from acts of terrorism.  Who got the money?  Find out here.  [75k PDF]

'04 Fire Grants.  The Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program application period is now closed.  If you plan to apply next year, reading this year's program guide can be a good step toward getting prepared.  Download the guide.  [168k pdf]

$1 Billion Fire Grants Expansion?  November 24, 2003.  President Bush signed the FY04 National Defense Authorization Act, H.R. 1588, which includes a $7.7 billion enhancement to the FEMA Fire Grant program.  Known as SAFER, grants will provide funds to hire staff including firefighters, paramedics, EMTs, rescue workers, ambulance personnel and HazMat workers for local fire departments.  Read the relevant excerpt from H.R. 1588 here.

2003 Funding.  To view a line item breakdown of '03 funding for DOJ, FEMA and TSA, click here.  The information presented is especially useful to law enforcement, fire fighters and those who protect America's sea and air ports.  Although dated, this info may give you an indication of what's coming in '04.

Public School Security.  Back for a repeat performance in '04 is Safe and Drug Free Schools Emergency Response and Crisis Management grant competition.  Posted 6/1/04  [get it here]

HS '03 Update.  On April 16, 2003, the President signed the FY '03 Supplemental Bill authorizing an additional $6.71 billion for the Department of Homeland Security.  Details here.

Time to Say Thanks.  Grant Writing USA's Top 10 Ways to Give Back to Public Safety.  Hint: share this with your public.

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